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A Tigger Themed First Birthday Party

So you knew that we do weddings, but did you know that we also do fabulous and super fun things like planning baby’s first birthdays?  I was absolutely thrilled when baby Connor’s parents reached out to me as their little one was having their first birthday.  They wanted to create a birthday party that was special and one that would always be remembered.  As we were discussing themes, it was important that it was somehow Tiger related, since Connor was born in the year of the tiger, and the rest is history as the theme of baby Tigger came into fruition.  We had so much fun with this one and really took it away with some really fun elements.

We built a lot of the table name, menu themes and phrasings around the idea of pairing ages with verbs that perfectly describe that time of their life.   I particularly liked some of the tables names such as Outrageous one, terrible twos, etc. and I absolutely loved our napkin tags that said “Sweet Onsie”, tied with twine.  Polka dots was a huge design anchor for our design and you will see them everywhere in various forms.

From the baby Tigger theme, we pulled in vibrant and fun colors of orange and turquoise to create the energy that Tigger has.  In going along with the energy of Tigger, we decided to create a dessert and treats bar that incorporated wheatgrass (since Tigger was always bouncing around lush green fields and forests) and put assorted cake pops in the shape of baby Tigger, balloons and tiger stripes.  We created healthy snacks that would be fun and nourishing to kids such as our mini cups of fruits and berries and individual kettle pop with personalized bottles of water.

As guests came to celebrate Connor’s Birthday, we created a special sign in piece that would serve as a momento for Connor and his family for the future.  We asked everyone to leave a handprint on a custom poster and to leave a message.  Connor’s mom was especially excited for this because Connor’s footprint and handprint at age 1 is a memory that they would physically get to keep forever.


The highlight of the day, besides the balloon artists, face painting and celebration of the birthday boy, were the cake pops and our amazing cake.  Here are some more detail shots of our display and sweet treats.

Happy Friday everyone, hope you enjoyed this sweet Birthday Celebration as you head into your weekend!

Special thanks to Erica B. Photography for taking these photos for us.

Charmed Events Group, LLC (that’s us!) did all of the Event Design, Style, Planning, and Paper Goods

Our amazing orange and turquoise striped cake was made by Sugar Butter Flour

Cake Pops are done by uber talented Heather Sugitan (sans website)

Catering by Aru Abe Catering

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