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Floating Lanterns inspired by Tangled

I am enamored with the Disney movie Tangled.  I was having coffee with one of my June couples and they were raving about Tangled and how all the best elements of the magic of Disney came together in this movie with all the motifs of love, fairytale and pure magic.  How could I not watch the movie with such rave reviews?  Did I love it?  Absolutely, just ask me about it and I wouldn’t be able to stop talking about it.  There was a scene in the movie that was pure magic and for those of you that have seen the movie, you will know exactly what I’m talking about.  The entire storyline evolves around this mystery of floating lanterns and in one particular scene, magic was brought on by literally, thousands of floating lanterns in the sky and in the water, hence the inspiration for my post today.

These movie stills are just gorgeous.  Even if it is just a cartoon, it takes your breath away and it makes me want to have this romantic experience!  Honestly, this could be an entire inspiration for an engagement shoot..hint hint..

Floating lanterns from the kingdom…

The following are some inspirations from one of Rihanna’s music videos and she actually had dresses hanging from the tree lit up by light.  These aren’t lanterns per say, but they sure hold the same magic of floating goodness!

Ok now back to reality, how do we emulate this feeling in real life?  It’s quite simple really, take this journey with me of inspiration to reality.  Love these floating lanterns on the water, it just makes the entire ocean seem enchanted, it takes my breath away.  I’m not exactly sure how to make lanterns actually float by themselves in the air (I was never very good at Science or Chemistry), but hanging paper lanterns will do the job just fine.

Another economical and insanely creative way to create the same feeling of floating lanterns along the water is to use regular brown paper bags and place votives inside them.  This is extremely effective for dressing up a dock or lakeside event.  As you can see, the result is luminous!

What can I say, the magic of Disney still gets to me.  Thank you for taking this fairytale journey with me!  To take it one step further and view the images all over again and get lost in a world of fantasy and floating lanterns to this instrumental below.

Photo Credits:  Picture 1 & 2 Disney Movie Stills, Picture 3&4: Rihanna photo stills, Picture 5&6 from Ceci New York, Picture 7&8 from Carter and Cook Event Co.

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