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Inspirations of a Bohemian Wedding

Hello everyone, it’s intern Melissa here, this week I am inspired by everything Bohemian!  What a perfect blend of both rustic and chic.  Take a look at these awesome inspirational photos that I found,  you might just go crazy in love with them too.

Spring is a great time to have a Bohemian themed wedding or dinner party. The blooming wildflowers and trees provide a naturally beautiful backdrop great for photo shoots.

I absolutely love the idea of having a “Booze and Berries” table. It’s such a creative twist on the traditional drink station. The idea is very simple, cute and fits right in with the bohemian theme.  Instead of cupcake towers have fruit basket towers. Here’s a cute way to serve your guests a healthy treat.

Here are some gowns that I find to be so bohemian-ly beautiful!

Happy Wednesday everyone, what are your inspirations of the week?



Photo Credits:  Row 1-3:  Simply Bloom Photography with Flowers by Amy Osaba, Row 4-5:  Sweet Emilia Jane, Row 6 from L-R:  Vera Wang, Jenny Lee, Vera Wang

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