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Organic is in! Fruits and Vegetables are the new centerpieces

Organic foods has been in for a long time.  Now with the economy, it’s become a fad to have your own garden of fruits and vegetables at home, and I think that it’s the perfect new centerpiece trend that is not only visually beautiful, but the perfect way of saying “Welcome to my home”!  Not only do fruits, vegetables and herbs make great centerpieces, but they also make for the perfect take home favor.  Nothing is sweeter than taking home home-grown blueberries or fresh grown herbs!

mla103164_0308_veggies_xlVegetable Centerpieces are like having a fresh garden right at the table!

mla102652_july07_table_centerpiece_xlBright Fruits are great centerpieces that can be seen and eaten.

gt042_herbcenter1_xlA centerpiece of organic herbs are a sure hit with foodies and home chefs

*All photo credits belong to Martha Stewart

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