first look

an opportunity and photo op for the bride and groom to see each other for the first time prior to the ceremony

escort cards vs. place cards

escort cards show guests to their assigned tables.  place cards indicate the guest’s exact seat at their assigned table.

pinspotting v. uplighting

streamlined rays of light that highlight each guest table and the centerpiece.  this is a must have if you are considering uplighting  for your space.  uplighting is lighting that is usually done on wallls to highlight the perimeter of your space to set the right mood and/or ambience.

gobo wash

patterned designs or monograms splashed on walls or on the dance floor through light sweetheart table a personal mini table just for the bride and groom during the reception head table for the bride and groom that is shared with their wedding party or family.  optional sizes and configuration in tables are ok.


BEO = banquet event order.  these are the final event details that your caterer or hotel venue will present in terms of final entree counts and programming.  this is the closest monetary estimate of final wedding costs in regards to food and beverage that need your signature to finalize for the day.