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November 25, 2014


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August 19, 2014

Happy Tuesday!  Today we’re sharing lots of love via A+S’ wedding.  Their wedding was filled with hearts and sparkle galore and that’s just the way that we like it!  They were married at the beautiful grounds of Hakone Gardens and their reception took place at a restaurant that we transformed into a dreamy, pink wonderland.  Enjoy these beautiful photos from our pal Delbarr Moradi as we celebrate the last days of summer!


Hearts and Glitter Wedding - 1 Hearts and Glitter Wedding - 2 Hearts and Glitter Wedding - 3 Hearts and Glitter Wedding - 4 Hearts and Glitter Wedding - 5 Hearts and Glitter Wedding - 6 Hearts and Glitter Wedding - 7-1 Hearts and Glitter Wedding - 7-2 Hearts and Glitter Wedding - 7-3 Hearts and Glitter Wedding - 7-4 Hearts and Glitter Wedding - 7 Hearts and Glitter Wedding - 8 Hearts and Glitter Wedding - 9 Hearts and Glitter Wedding - 10 Hearts and Glitter Wedding - 11 Hearts and Glitter Wedding - 12 Hearts and Glitter Wedding - 13 Hearts and Glitter Wedding - 14 Hearts and Glitter Wedding - 15 Hearts and Glitter Wedding - 16 Hearts and Glitter Wedding - 17 Hearts and Glitter Wedding - 18 Hearts and Glitter Wedding - 19 Hearts and Glitter Wedding - 21


Partial Planning, Design and Stationary:  Charmed Events Group

Photography:  Delbarr Moradi

Floral Design:  Poppy’s Petalworks

Cake:  Pretty Please SF

Rentals:  Hartmann Studios

DJ:  Big Fun DJ – Henry

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August 12, 2014

One of the things that I love about what we do, is that each couple that comes to us has their own, distinct style and point of view of how they want their wedding to be.  Our diverse clientele allows us to really have the chance to play with colors, moods, textures and concepts and really, what can be more fun that that?!  K+D are Lord of the Ring Fanatics and they wanted their nuptials to be inspired by their favorite story.  I have to admit that designing this particular wedding was a little out of my comfort zone, but I loved every minute of it because at the end of the day, it’s all about romance.  In the case, a moody and broody romance aka #thebest.


From the start, their color palette totally kicks current color trends out of the water, favoring dark and woodsy colors.  We used a lot of motifs from the Lord of the Rings and made it our own.  Some of our favorite details were the following:  the elvish script used throughout their wedding stationery, the romantic and flowy flowers and foliage, candle light everywhere, gold leaves used for both their escort board and place settings, and the lemba favors that we wrapped in palm leaves and twine.  Perhaps one of the most endearing details was incorporating watercolor paintings by the Bride’s Mother on the table numbers as a surprise.  There were so many details in this one…good ones too!  Thanks to one of my favorite gal pals Gladys Jem for sharing the beautiful photos with us!


The Lord of The Rings inspired Inspiration Board that we created for this wedding…it’s so perfectly dark and moody with a touch of crimson. lord-of-the-rings-inspiration-board


K+D’s Big Day

Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding-1 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding-2 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding-3 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding-4 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding-5 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding-6 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding-7 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding-8 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding-9 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding-10 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding-11 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding-12 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding-13 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding-14 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding-15-1 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding-15 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding-17 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding-18 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding-19 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding-20 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding-21 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding-22 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding-23 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding-24 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding-25 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding-26 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding-27 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding-28 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding-29 Berkeley-City-Club-Wedding-30


Fabulous Vendors:

Full Planning, Design and Stationery:  Charmed Events Group

Photographer:  Gladys Jem Photography

Floral Design:  Tanjeeryn Designs

Venue:  Berkeley City Club

Ceremony Musician:

Linens:  Napa Valley Linens

Lighting:  Especially Yours Chairs

Cake:  Studio Cake

DJ:  Big Fun DJ

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July 30, 2014

Wedding season is in full swing and we are also in full swing in sharing with you all of the amazing weddings that we’ve had the pleasure of designing!  J+A were my darling couple from NYC who wanted to have a charming destination wedding in Sonoma for their out of town guests.  They picked the Garden Pavillion as their venue and it was the perfect backdrop for the fairytale garden wedding that we designed and produced for them!


This particular wedding was the last one that we did for 2013 and it was such a magical one to end the season with.  It was exactly our aesthetic of romanticism to the T and we couldn’t have been more happy to end the season with such an amazing and sweet couple!

JA-1 JA-2 JA-3 JA-4-1 JA-4 JA-5 JA-6 JA-7 JA-8 JA-9 JA-10 JA-11 JA-12 JA-13 JA-14 JA-15 JA-16 JA-18 JA-19 JA-20 JA-21 JA-22 JA-23 JA-24 JA-25 JA-26 JA-27 JA-28 JA-29 JA-30 JA-31 JA-32


Oh so lovely vendors:

Event Planning, Design and Stationary:  Charmed Events Group

Photography:  Tyler Vu

Cinematography:  Burkart Studios

Rentals:  Hartmann Studios

Linens:  La Tavola

Cake:  Michelle’s Corner Cakes


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May 30, 2014

As a wedding planner and designer, one of the questions/comments that I get most often is, “You must know exactly what you want your wedding day to look like.”  I never really know how to answer this question because the truth is, I’ve never really thought about it and when I do, my mind draws a blank.  Designing and planning weddings and figuring out each of our couple’s love stories and how to tell them through design is our forte and doing so is what makes me happy and immensely fulfilled from the inside out.  But for my own one day, I haven’t a clue.  But what I do know is this:  If I had to get married today, right now and right this second, THIS is what my wedding would look like:  wildly romantic filled with dreamcatchers galore, lace and full of wanderlust for love.  #happyfriday

dreamcatcher-wedding-inspiration-1 dreamcatcher-wedding-inspiration-2 dreamcatcher-wedding-inspiration-3 dreamcatcher-wedding-inspiration-4 dreamcatcher-wedding-inspiration-5 dreamcatcher-wedding-inspiration-6 dreamcatcher-wedding-inspiration-7 dreamcatcher-wedding-inspiration-7

Photo Credits:  Image 1:  Free People March Catalog, Image 2, 3, 4, 8:  Green Wedding Shoes, Image 5:  Ruffled Ink and Green Wedding Shoes, Image 6:  100 Layer Cake and Erin Hearts Court, Image 7:  Ruffled

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