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Why hiring a Wedding Planner...a GOOD one... is the best idea EVER!

We, as an industry, are all saddened by the news that Style Me Pretty is closing their doors as of April 30, 2018.  Style Me Pretty has been such an important resource personally for us and for so many others in the industry in sharing our work, and also for couples in finding inspiration and tips in planning their weddings.  It has never been more important and prevalent for couples to hire a wedding planner for their wedding than a time like this.  In having a wedding planner, don't just hire any wedding planner, hire one that is seasoned and experienced as they are the ones that understands all the ins and outs and the nuances of planning a wedding while having the ability to actually execute and produce a wedding.  It's true that I might be biased in why having a wedding planner is so important as that is what we do on the daily.  But knowing exactly what we do for our couples is exactly HOW I know that everyone needs a wedding planner for their wedding.  Professionals, ones that are tried and true, will always carry you through the process and to the finish line better, stronger and deliver beyond your wildest imaginations.  Think Joanna Gaines and Fixer Upper.  (enough said, right?)  That is what an experienced wedding planner can do for you and your wedding.  In a world of styled shoots and workshops, it's hard to differentiate between those that can put together a pretty table vs. those that can do just that AND actually plan and produce a wedding to the level and scale that you need them to do it at.  So today, we are sharing why hiring a wedding planner...a good and seasoned one, is the best thing that you can do for you and your fiancé while you plan for one of the most important moments of your lives.


We always have couples that know from the minute that they are engaged that they want to work with a planner to create the wedding of their dreams.  We love and adore couples like that.  But more often than not, there are many couples that come to us out of exasperation in attempting to plan their own wedding.  They've realized that they have no idea where to start and what to do, which in turn, has taken all the fun out of planning and subsequently has added stress to their daily lives.  And let's face it, who needs more stress in their lives?  I truly believe that there is a secret sauce in strategic planning that let's all the elements of planning a wedding fall into place at the right time and in the right way.  A seasoned wedding planner will guide you through that process and help you make sure that the right steps are taken, when they need to be taken.  


We all want insider information in everything in life don't we?  The same goes for wedding planning.  Seasoned wedding planners are in "the know" of what's happening in the industry whether it be in trends, what's in and what's out, the up and coming experiences that you can offer to guests, a certain food or cuisine that you would like served and most importantly, the best people to work with for your wedding!  Planning your wedding by researching the internet can turn into an endless abyss of information and more often than not, you can become more lost in your research from what you find than from where you started.  A good wedding planner is able to help you streamline and sort through all of what you are hoping for and source exactly what you are looking for.  Whether it be in connecting you to vendors that are the best match for you, a certain service that you've seen your favorite celebrity and influencer do, finding a mini horse to turn into a unicorn to walk down the aisle with (kidding, but not kidding..this is a real life example and I LOVE this particular bride for it!) and other cool tools to use for whatever it is you are looking for.  (Example, connecting brides to Zola when they are looking for a classy way to do a fund vs. a traditional which they can do oh so well too.)  Because we do this all day long and are connected in this wonderful and fabulous world of weddings, we know how to find what you're looking for and connect you with the best people that will make it happen for you.  Because trust is the most important foundation in which we build our relationship on with our couples, we won't let you down in the people, resources and vendors that we bring to the table because we know YOU.  We know what you want, and we won't stop until we find and connect  you with what we know you'll love.


Yes, you heard me right!  We will save you money, and not just in the way that the saying goes "time saved equals money saved".  (Which, by the way, we do tenfold).  We save you money by making sure that you are allocating your funds in the right area that creates the maximum impact that you are hoping to see for your wedding on the day of.  In helping you choose the right vendor that is right for you, we are also saving you money, and this goes hand in hand with our last point in a good planner giving you the right guidance that fits YOU.  Yes, having a wedding planner in itself is an investment.  But trust me when I say, a good planner will help you budget the correct way and invest in the things that will create the most memorable experience and day that you have envisioned.  With a good planner, you will be able to look back on your day and say, "my day was worth every single penny and so was my planner who made it all happen for me."


There is nothing more important and empowering than to know that someone is on your side.  This especially rings true when it comes to your wedding.  I can't tell you how many times we've become the peacemakers between family members when one party wants things a certain way while our couple wants things another way and can't find the words to say it.  In the same way, this also happens with couples communicating with their vendors upon ideas they may have and  the service they envisioned being a certain way.  This is where we, as your planners, come in and communicate your wants and desires to your vendors for you so that you don't have to deal with the discomfort of having to do so yourselves.  We are your voice.  I will also add that seasoned vendors, on the day of, will know how to tactfully identify and communicate with other vendors when they see things not being done or set up the way that we know you would want them to be while maintaining and giving the respect that every vendor deserves.  All in all, we are on your side.  We are for YOU.  And there's nothing better than having someone in your corner.


In all seriousness, there are so many things that can and will happen on the day of.  But as a bride and groom on your wedding day, you don't want to hear about it, you don't want to know about it and you most certainly don't want to deal with it.  With a seasoned wedding planner, they will be able to navigate through whatever happens on the day of to make sure that you are in absolute bliss enjoying your day while they work behind the scenes in straightening out situations that may go awry.  I personally feel that how high pressured situations are handled on the wedding day is the true test of how good a wedding planner actually is.  A good wedding planner will never let you see or feel that something is off, they will just fix it in a way that is effortlessly done.  That is something that only comes with experience.  After the fact, we might (just might) fill you in all the funny things that happened that we had to work out so that you, in turn, can tell your friends and family for years to come and have a laugh about it around the dinner table. 

And that, my friends, is the true magic of having a good and seasoned wedding planner.

Easter Brunch Ideas featuring Puppies!

easter table inspiration and decor 1

We are so excited to share this fun, Easter brunch shoot that we did, featuring puppies!   This was featured on Inspired by This and the idea behind the table was to create a festive, colorful table for the season that is fit for entertaining family and friends alike!  Because most of us around here consider our dogs to be family, we also included them in the design concept because let's face it, they're dining with us at every meal anyways!

We are sharing two entertaining concepts today.  We designed these for Easter but they can easily be translated into any spring soirée that you are putting together throughout the season.  The first is what I'd like to call a "Bohemian Rhapsody Easter Table" that's a fun and casual table for guests to dine around.  (*See a more casual, buffet style brunch inspiration below that is totally kitchen goals!)  We created this table using two planks of wood that we stained and propped up against wooden blocks (you can use cement blocks as well).  We then threw a rug underneath it and put pillows around the table for seating.  Because spring is often synonymous with joy and happiness, we wanted to use bright, sherbert colors such as peaches and pinks to pop against the navy blue base of the table.  We added additional texture to the table by custom creating our napkins by choosing a beautiful print and mixing and matching glassware for added depth.

Our dog models @willowtheenglishcreme and @scruffythefrenchie

Our dog models @willowtheenglishcreme and @scruffythefrenchie

easter table inspiration and decor 3
easter table inspiration and decor 3
easter table inspiration and decor 4
easter table inspiration and decor 5
easter table inspiration and decor 6
easter table inspiration and decor 7
easter table inspiration and decor 8
easter table inspiration and decor 9
easter table inspiration and decor 10
Designer’s Tip: Mix and match glassware from your existing inventory to create added texture and depth to your table setting!
easter table inspiration and decor 11
easter table inspiration and decor 12
easter table inspiration and decor
easter table inspiration and decor
Entertaining Tip: Elevate your favorite sandwiches by making them open-faced and garnish with fresh micro greens
easter table inspiration and decor
easter table inspiration and decor
easter table inspiration and decor
easter table inspiration and decor
easter table inspiration and decor
easter table inspiration and decor

Since we want our pups to feel special as well for Easter and Spring, we created a bar cart of treats for the pups so that they can feel special and included too!

easter table inspiration and decor
easter table inspiration and decor
easter table inspiration and decor
dog party ideas
easter table inspiration and decor dog party ideas
easter table inspiration and decor dog party ideas
hanging foliage decor
easter table inspiration and decor dog party ideas
easter table inspiration and decor
easter table inspiration and decor dog party ideas
easter table inspiration and decor dog party ideas
easter table inspiration and decor dog party ideas
easter table inspiration and decor

Our second concept is to show you how to re-create a simplified version of this brunch idea by creating a buffet station using your kitchen!  Utilize your counter space and shelving to create a visually beautiful display of your food for guests to help themselves to.  Set stacks of plates and napkins for guests to grab, and casually place your flatware in a container or glass for guests to help themselves to.  To make the design of the space feel more festive, add some small compotes of flowers and add additional decor items (in this case, framed prints of bunnies, dog photos, etc.) to make your buffet station come to life!

easter brunch inspiration
easter brunch inspiration
easter brunch inspiration
easter brunch inspiration
easter brunch inspiration

We hope that you enjoyed these entertaining ideas for Easter and for Spring!  Happy entertaining from all of us here and from our pups too!

dog easter bunny

Planning and Styling:  Charmed Events Group, Floral and Styling:  Petite Petal Co, Photography: Indu Huynh, Chargers: Blushtype China and flatware:  Target

Romantic, Mauve Wedding at Villa Montalvo


I remember the first time that I met this sweet couple as if it were yesterday.  I just happened to be planning a trip to NYC at the time and since they lived in the big apple, we met up one evening at a fancy new bar in the Gramercy neighborhood.  I knew from the first moment that I met them that we had a connection and that I wanted to be their planner!  Planning with M+E quickly became a family affair with their sweet parents in California and together, we created a romantic and beautiful wedding at Villa Montalvo full of mauve tones and details galore!  I am so excited that this wedding is featured on Style Me Pretty because I love this couple and the time that we spent together so much; you can view the feature here and read on for our behind the scenes take on how this day unfolded.

I absolutely loved the color palette for this wedding and am so glad that our couple loves mauve as much as I do!  We incorporated mauve and rose gold everywhere that we could while retaining the elegance that we wanted to portray for this wedding, after all, it was a New York affair!  We took so much care in choosing the colors for the bridesmaids dresses and I think that their dresses paired with the beautiful florals really created a soft and romantic look.

This sweet detail that our bride incorporated to her dress of her grandmother's handkerchief was beyond endearing. The heirlooms that you see above also belonged to the bride's family and I love that we found a place for them to shine for the wedding!

This sweet detail that our bride incorporated to her dress of her grandmother's handkerchief was beyond endearing. The heirlooms that you see above also belonged to the bride's family and I love that we found a place for them to shine for the wedding!


We wanted the ceremony to be blooming with flowers and I think the chuppah that we designed for them was one of the most beautiful ever.  We incorporated the bride's grandmother's lace to the top of the chuppah per tradition and handpainted the welcome sign on acrylic to welcome guests to the ceremony.  Individual mauve programs were passed out as well as satchels of lavender for guests to congratulate the couple with.


Because we had a large guest count, we wanted to make sure the guests had plenty of space to mingle as well as relax.  I loved this lounge that we placed right in the middle of cocktail hour for guests to enjoy.  Guests found their seats by viewing the hand crafted escort cards that we created for them, sealed with the couple's signature wax seal and were encouraged to leave a message in a bottle for the couple to open at various anniversary years to come.  The cocktail hour really kicked off when our couple joined the festivities and saluted their guests with a champagne tower.  It doesn't get more New York than that!


The reception space was a pure DREAM!  No detail was left out as we carefully crafted three designs for their guests to sit at.  Each guest found their seats with custom wax sealed place cards and various eucalyptus greens at their settings.  The bride and groom had the most gorgeous sweetheart table covered in rose gold with "Mi Amore" signs adorned with garlands.  Our team hand painted the table numbers of acyrlics and bell jars and guests enjoyed a beautiful dinner followed by cake and mini ice cream sandwiches!

As the evening winded down, we did a grand exit for the couple and then just like that, they were whisked away to the afterparty in a classic car.


M+E, planning with the both of you and your families has been one of the most special experiences that I've had.  More than anything, I am grateful for the friendship that we share and couldn't be more honored to be adopted into your family.  

Planning, Design and Day of Stationery:  Charmed Events Group, Photography:  Jasmine Lee, Floral Design:  Poppy's Petalworks, Video: Owl and Tree Films Venue: Villa Montalvo, Rentals: Standard Party Rentals, Linens: La Tavola, Bride and Groom Signs: Blushtype, Invitation Suite:  Chatham & Caron, Cake: Icing on the Cake, Icecream Sandwiches: Cream 


Hello lovelies!  It's been too long since I've last posted but we have so many amazing weddings to share with you all!  I'm going to kick off sharing this beautiful wedding that we did at Regale Winery.  The venue itself is so beautiful, you'd feel as if you were somewhere in Tuscany!  For this wedding, we designed a fun and whimsical wedding in hues of lavender.  C+J were such a fun couple to plan for because they, themselves, are such fun people!  They loved incorporating details that meant a lot to them such as their love of love lock bridges, so we created a love lock display for the escort cards amongst other fun details.  Enjoy the beautiful photos that Jasmine Lee took and see below for the rest of the amazing vendors that helped us produce this wedding!


Regale Winery Wedding 1
Regale Winery Wedding 2
Regale Winery Wedding 3
Regale Winery Wedding 4
Regale Winery Wedding 5
Regale Winery Wedding 6
Regale Winery Wedding 7
Regale Winery Wedding 8
Regale Winery Wedding 9
Regale Winery Wedding 10
Regale Winery Wedding 11
Regale Winery Wedding 12
Regale Winery Wedding 13
Regale Winery Wedding 14
Regale Winery Wedding 15
Regale Winery Wedding 16
Regale Winery Wedding 17
Regale Winery Wedding 18
Regale Winery Wedding 19
Regale Winery Wedding 20
Regale Winery Wedding 21
Regale Winery Wedding 22
Regale Winery Wedding 23

Planning and Design :  Charmed Events Group Photography: Jasmine Lee Floral Design: Poppy's Petalworks Venue: Regale Winery Rentals Danny Thomas Party Rentals Linens: La Tavola

Brasswood Wedding

Weddings in Napa will always be my favorite kind of wedding.  This sweet couple are from Chicago, but they love spending time in Napa (who wouldn't?!), got engaged in Napa, so it's only fitting that their wedding was held in Napa!  They got married at one of the newest venues in Napa, Brasswood winery, and together with the couple, we designed a neutral and organic feeling with lots of cremes, whites and greys!  

The weekend started off being rainy and gloomy, so much so that we almost had to use our rain plan for both the ceremony and the reception.  The weather Gods were on our side and smiling down on our couple because at the last moment, we made the call to keep everything outside as intended and the result was just beautiful.  I'm so thrilled that we were able to produce this day for our couple in the setting of their dreams!  See below for the beauty!


"I love you for all that you are, all that you have been, and all that you you're yet to be".  This was such a beautiful sentiment that the bride chose to share with their guests, beautifully scribed by Blushtype.


Cocktail hour took place inside the beautiful barn of the venue.  Tre Posti prepared a beautiful live mozzarella station for all the guests to enjoy and let me tell you, it was delicious!  


Guests dined alfresco in a perfectly rustic setting.  To counter the chill, we provided grey blankets tied with olive branches for guests to stay warm.  One of my favorite accents of the day were the wooden spoons that we tucked into the napkins, complete with olive branches, to let each guest know where they were sitting.  It's little details like these that make guests feel special when they take their seats for dinner!


Thank you L+F for choosing us to partner with you for planning your wedding, it was such a special honor!  I love that you and all your guests flew out to celebrate your destination wedding in Napa and most importantly, love that magic and special chemistry that you both share.

Planning and Design:  Charmed Events Group, Photography: Russ Levi, Floral Design:  Petite Petal Co., Rentals: Bright Event Rentals, Venue:  Brasswood Winery, Catering: Tre Posti



I love when the weather cooperates with us on a wedding day.  This wedding took place on a weekend in Napa where heavy storms were projected.  It rained all day and night on Friday and come Saturday, we had a rain free day.  Some call it luck, I call it a blessing!  This was such a beautiful and rustic wedding that took place at the Farmstead at Longmeadow Ranch and we are always humbled when publications share our work, you can see more of this wedding on Carats and Cake or read on below for our recap of this day.

For this wedding, we created a rustic design using peaches, creams and the natural color and beauty of foliage.  This bouquet that Tango and Foxtrot created was perfection and perfectly sums up the aesthetic of this wedding!


The reception was such a stunner with the white draped stage.  We had two long rows of farm tables run down the center of the space adorned with olive branches, taper candles and peach blooms.  Each place setting had an olive sprig that further created the rustic vibe and the peach rounds that surrounded the farm tables added so much color and warmth to the overall space.  All in all, it was a beautiful and inviting atmosphere for guests to walk into and dine at and we wouldn't have it any other way!


Planning and Design:  Charmed Events Group, Photography: Melanie Duerkopp, Floral Design: Tango and Foxtrot

Wente Vineyards Wedding


All I can say is that this wedding was just all sorts of marsala and blush, romantic goodness!  First of all, this couple is absolutely GORGEOUS.  Secondly, the amount of swag they have is unreal.  Lastly, they have amazing taste and style in regards to what they wanted to see for their wedding.  Designing for them was so easy and such a blast, I love it when that happens!  There are so many amazing details to their day and we were so happy to see this one featured on Style Me Pretty.  Scroll through the gorgeous images and read through how we designed their day for was just the prettiest!

Such a beautiful invitation suite hand calligraphed by  Bianca Mascarro , don't you think?

Such a beautiful invitation suite hand calligraphed by Bianca Mascarro, don't you think?


Did I mention yet how much style our bride has?  She's the blogger behind Chic Happens and this blush Vera Wang gown is just too pretty for words.  Along with her dress, she let her bridesmaids choose various styles from Amsale to complete their wedding party look.


Their wedding ceremony took place inside the Barrel Room of Wente Vineyards.  We dreamt up a romantic ceremony full of natural foliage that Gavita Flora executed flawlessly.  My favorite design element was the foliage that was draped around the chandeliers and the crazy, beautiful floral arch of course!  My favorite part?  The dip at the end of the ceremony followed by guests congratulating the couple with red rose petals.


For their cocktail hour, we created a limoncello wall backdrop, Italy was where the couple was engaged so they wanted to bring a little bit of Italy to their guests.  We adorned the wall with olive sprigs and lemons and their family friend hand made limoncello for guests to take home as favors.


Their reception was an absolute DREAM, with a tent of twinkle lights for guests to dine under.  I loved the soft palettes of cremes and greys, accented by grey plates, wax seal escort cards and the marsala wine glasses that added the extra punch to the design.  The lounge setting that we brought in to frame the dance floor added that bit of intimacy for guests to feel right at home.


G+K, thank you for letting us be a part of your amazingly beautiful and romantic day.  I loved every minute of working with you both and your love story is truly the best!  "K", you did good!

Planning and Design and Day of Stationery:  Charmed Events Group, Photography: Jasmine Lee, Floral Design: Gavita Flora, Hair and Make UP:  Make up by Quis, Venue:  Wente Vineyards, Bridal Gown:  Vera Wang, Bridesmaids Dresses:  Amsale, Menswear:  Menguin, Rentals:  Classic Party, Linens: La Tavola, Invitation Suite:  Bianca Mascarro, Videographer:  Lovespun Films

Villa Montalvo Wedding

We are so excited to share with you our first feature of the year and it's on the front page of Style Me Pretty right now!  J+S chose Villa Montalvo as their venue, traveling from Houston, Texas for their wedding, we planned and designed their sweet destination wedding with them from afar and the colors of this wedding are just killer!  We used a palette of dusty blues paired with bright oranges, peaches and whites to make all of our details pop against the blue and accented it all with gold detailing.  Enjoy the photos that my dear (and ah-mazing) friend, Jen Huang, captured from this beautiful day.

Their ceremony took place at the Tuscan Gardens of Villa Montalvo.  I love the detailing of ivy running up the pillars that we designed with the help of Poppys Petalworks and the loose garlands with peach and orange blooms that lined the aisle chairs.  A favorite detail of the ceremony was definitely the foliage crowns that were placed on the statues; it was such a fun and quirky detail that the bride and groom insisted on!

The groom is an avid collector of vintage records.  For their escort display, we sprayed their old records white and placed them on a painted blue wall.  Each record was accented by sweet blooms to complete the setting.

Nothing is more beautiful than thoughtfully, processed details.  For their reception, we wanted to keep the design classic and simple.  The rich pops of colors really added to our design and I love the sweet orange flowers that were placed at each guest's setting.

***DESIGNERS TIP***  Color is back friends!  Let's go big with color for 2017 and be a little daring.  Using your favorite staples of gold and blush are more than acceptable but for this upcoming year, use those colors as accent colors rather than the primary colors to your wedding palette.

Oh so lovely vendors of the day:  Planning and Design:  Charmed Events Group (that's us!), Photography: Jen Huang, Floral Design:  Poppys Petalworks, Rentals:  Standard Party Rentals, Linens: La Tavola, Venue: Villa Montalvo

Classic Villa Montalvo Wedding

We hope that you had a wonderful and love filled Thanksgiving!  We are so thrilled that Elizabeth Anne Designs featured this wedding on their blog today, this wedding is the quintessential definition of classic and elegant.  C+D were high school sweethearts who bonded over their love and art of classical music and naturally their wedding had to reflect the same essence as the music that they love.  For their wedding, we created the design based off of their wants to have a white wedding but warmed the aesthetic by adding hints of blush.  Their wedding was such a pretty and romantic one and I just loved working with both the couple and their families to make their dream wedding come true!

I loved this elegant and classic display that we created for their escort cards.  Tango and Foxtrot did a beautiful job of adding foliage to this display as well as the lounge settee to match the beautiful grounds of Villa Montalvo.

This reception was a dream!  We combined oval tables with square tables..I always love when we use tables that are not of the norm, they make the design that much better!  We draped the tables in alternating linens of velvet mauve and lace and accented each setting with gold flatware and gold stationery.  My favorite little detail of each place setting were the white polka dot napkins, it added whimsy to the design...and if you know us, we're all about that extra flair of whimsy =)

Thank you C+D for having us for your big day, your wedding day filled my heart with love and on that particular weekend, reminded me of why we do what we do.  Couples like you (and your families too!) make it more than worth it.  Loved seeing the both of you travel around the world and am so excited to meet your baby girl soon!

Planning, Design and Stationery:  Charmed Events Group, Photographer:  Danielle Poff, Floral Design: Tango and Foxtrot, Venue:  Villa Montalvo, Rentals:  Standard Party Rentals, Linens:  La Tavola, Cake:  Studio Cake

Glamorous Stanford Wedding

What can I say about this wedding for our stylish NY bride and groom except wow and wow!  No detail was overlooked for this couple's wedding as we dreamed up the most perfect wedding featuring this year's Pantone colors of the year, rose quartz and serenity blue.  Being that Stanford is the groom's alma mater, they were married at the Stanford Memorial Church and held their reception at the Stanford Faculty Club.  We completely transformed the space to reflect a glamourous, romantic and elegant wedding and were thrilled to hear so many guests comment that they've never seen the space look so good!  You know what?  We agree, this wedding was an absolute beaut!  We are thrilled as always to have Style Me Pretty feature this wedding on their front page, special thanks to Jasmine Lee for the beautiful photos and to the rest of our allstar cast of vendors for making this dream wedding come true for our bride and groom.

I absolutely loved the stationery suite that we created for this couple, having Aerialist Press finish the design with gold foil and gold seals by Written Word Calligraphy topped it all off.

Can we please discuss how stylish this couple is?  L-O-V-E!

Charlie, the pug, flew in from NYC to be by his parents' side as they got married.  He was a huge inspiration to the design of the day as you will see below.

Our couple loves their pug so much, we had to incorporate him into the design of the day!  We created a custom silhouette made of him for our escort wall and centered the escort cards concept in his namesake.  I love the lounge that One True Love Vintage Rentals provided for us, it was just so perfectly pink and romantic!

The transformation of the Faculty Club was unreal, it was just breathtakingly beautiful as we draped the entire room, had two different tablescapes of rose quartz and serenity blue, with a giant floral chandelier to anchor the design of the room.  Each placecard had the couple's custom wax seal on it and I just loved the napkin treatments that we created for each place setting.  It's all in the details they say and in this case, we had an abundance of it.  Our pal, Nicole Ha, absolutely killed it with the floral design.

This floral chandelier and cake was everything!

Dearest J+H, your wedding was a dream and it was such a privilege to plan and design this destination wedding with you.  Your wedding was and is, quintessentially the essence of who we are as designers.  Thank you so much for choosing us and sharing your lives (and Charlie!) with us!  xoxo.

Planning, Design and Stationery:  Charmed Events Group, Photography:  Jasmine Lee Photography, Floral Design:  Nicole Ha, Rentals:  Bright Event Rentals, Classic Party Rentals, Standard Party Rentals, Lounge Furniture:  One True Love Vintage Rentals, Tabletop Rentals:  Frances Lane, Chair Covers:  Wildflower Linens, Cake:  Pretty Please SF, Lighting and Drape:  JL Imagination, Linens:  La Tavola, Foil and Letterpress:  Aerialist Press Venue:  Stanford Faculty Club

Camel Hill Estate Wedding

Gosh how I loved this wedding so and how I loved this couple so!  S+B were married on their family's private estate and what made their venue so special was that there were camels there!  For their wedding, we collectively dreamed of a fun and bright palette of darker blues paired with blush tones, accented with detailing of natural elements.  We were so honored to have this wedding featured on 100 Layer Cake, see more of the details below as we had an absolute DREAM team to work with!

Drawing inspiration from natural elements of various stones, we created their stationery suite inspired by rock textures and brought in marble and agate to compliment this theme.

I loved everything about the ceremony space.  We wanted to make sure that there was a good balance of blues and blushes so we created their altar with draped blue fabric accented with the most gorgeous blooms by Huckleberry Karen.  We hung eucalyptus on the ends of the aisle chairs, accented with pink roses and had the most lush aisle of pink petals to add extra color.  The setting was so colorful and romantic and I just loved it!

During cocktail hour, guests were invited to find their names on personalized, hexagon marble slices, hand calligraphed by Custom Calligraphy.  This was also a keepsake for guests to take home.  We also asked guests to color in and image of a camel and write their names next to the section that they colored as a guestbook.  This was an homage to the cute camels that were on property.

Their reception took place on the estate's lawn that was centered around the pool with a gorgeous backdrop of the Santa Cruz Mountains.  We mixed and matched tables with complimentary colors and used farm tables for the head table.  Table numbers were hand calligraphed on agate slices and guests found their seats by finding their names on customized menus.

To my dearest S+B, we had the most awesome time didn't we?  I loved how you were both so trusting of us in what we do and in our design process.  You guys were not only so much fun but so full of are the ultimate definition of our dream couple!

Event Planning, Design and Stationery:  Charmed Events Group, Photography: Danielle Poff, Floral Design:  Huckleberry Karen Designs, Calligraphy: Custom Calligraphy, Rentals:  Williams Party Rentals, Cake: Jens Cakes, Linens:  La Tavola Linens


Colorful, Cornerstone Sonoma Wedding

Well, it just seems like our blog posts get longer and longer but we just can't help it, there's too much prettiness to share!  This was one of my favorite weddings of the year (I say that a lot don't I?!) but really, I truly loved this one because it was so bright and happy!  Just looking at all the fun colors, textures and patterns can make anyone smile from ear to ear.  I especially loved that the bride and groom let us have so much fun in creating this whimsical design.  This was featured on Style Me Pretty over the weekend and enjoy the visual story of it all right here!  Thank you to my good friend, Melanie Duerkopp, for these gorgeous photos!

When the bride and groom told us that she loved bright colors, we immediately thought to bring citrus into the design in color and with fruits!  We used the citrus color palette boldly throughout the wedding, with an abundance of fruits and flowers for both the design itself and for all of the stationery.  This stationery suite was such a fun one to design.

How gorgeous are these giant coral peonies that  Poppy's Petalworks  sourced for this wedding?? Absolute perfection!

How gorgeous are these giant coral peonies that Poppy's Petalworks sourced for this wedding?? Absolute perfection!

Cornerstone Sonoma has one of the most grandiose lawns.  Because it is so vast, we wanted to make the ceremony as colorful as possible and created a lush, ombre aisle of petals in citrus shades.  We built a ceremony drop in front of the waterlily pond and Poppy's Petalworks adorned the top of the drape with beautiful, colorful flowers.  One of my favorite things about the ceremony were the blooms on the ceremony chairs with the long ribbons, they really were so divine..and very Kate Spade!

Drawing inspiration from our citrus motif and from the beautiful surroundings of the Cornerstone Gardens, we had mason jars filled with strawberry lemonade and regular lemonade to welcome the guests.  We hand tied floral tags to the jars and invited guests to take a jar home with them.  The strawberry lemonade was the perfect refresher for the warm, summer day....and might I add, absolutely delicious!

The reception took place underneath the circus tent at Cornerstone, I will have to say that I will never forget this reception as it was just so much eye candy.  We did punchy colors for the linens and created personal placemats for all of the guests with their names and the menu printed on it.  We also accented each place setting with mini oranges.  As I said, eye candy galore.  Yes?

Thank you D+N for having us for your wedding day and most of all, for allowing us to "go there" with the design of your wedding.  During a season when all everyone wanted to see was blushes, you gave us an absolute thrill by using as much color and patterns as possible, which is our favorite thing to do.  xoxo.

Planning, Design and Stationery:  Charmed Events Group, Photography:  Melanie Duerkopp, Floral Design:  Poppy's Petalworks, Venue:  Cornerstone Sonoma, Rentals:  Standard Party Rentals, Linens:  La Tavola Linen

Happy Weekend!

Do you love colorful, bright, and happy weddings?  We do too.  This fun wedding is featured on Style Me Pretty today, we'll share the full feature on Tuesday.  In the meantime, see it live here.  Happy weekend!


It's a brand new week, which means that we are sharing another beautiful wedding with you!  This sweet wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty and I loved everything about this wedding, mostly because the bride and groom are really the sweetest people that you will meet.  Their wedding took place at Clos La Chance Winery in beautiful central California and I promise, you will fall in love with this wedding!  Special thanks to our gal pal Vero Suh for capturing everything so beautifully!

This was one of my favorite escort displays to date.  The bride had requested for us to do something special and original for people to find their seats so we gathered all of her inspiration photos and created this floating wall of olive sprigs with guest names in the hanging gold lanterns.  This was such a beautiful display and many guests used this backdrop to take photos.  Love when that happens!

The reception was a blush and gold beauty.  We accented the blush tables with gold flatware and a pink water goblet for whimsy.  Each guest setting had an olive sprig sprayed in gold to welcome them to their seat.  The backdrop of the Californian mountains was the perfect setting for the wedding.

I loved this asymmetrical drape that we created for the Sweetheart table.  It wasn't originally intended to be asymmetrical but there was a pole right behind the Sweetheart table so with a little creative thinking on the fly, we created this beauty and it's better than the original.

Thank you O+J for having us for your wedding, it was a gorgeous night and you both were so lovely and so sweet to work with!  Wishing you the best and hopefully, a new pup very soon =)

Planning and Design:  Charmed Events Group, Photographer:  Vero Suh, Floral Design:  Love Life Blooms, Vintage Rentals:  7th Heaven Rentals, Event Rentals:  Standard Party Rentals, Pipe, Drape and Linens:  Chair Divas, Cake:  Jens Cakes, Venue:  Clos La Chance Winery


This wedding that I'm about to share with you is one of my all time favorites because it epitomizes the definition of timeless, classic and elegant.  This bride and groom are all the way from Texas but San Francisco is where the bride grew up and they couldn't have made a better choice in a venue!  They chose a beautiful color palette of the faintest dusty blue paired with ivories and cremes and let me tell you, there was no detail that was left behind for their big day!  We had the pleasure of working on this wedding with our pal Caroline Tran and she couldn't have captured their day more beautifully.  This wedding was featured on the front page of Style Me Pretty and we're sharing more of the pretty below.  


Just FYI, this bride has some serious style...Tom Ford Shoes and a Vera Wang Dress?  I'd say that's impeccable style.


Can we please discuss how much perfection and beauty was encapsulated in the stationery set that Written Word Calligraphy created for this wedding?  Just Beyond!

One of the elements that made this wedding so elegant was the vintage Rolls Royce that they brought in for transportation which made for the most timeless photos.  I always love details like this to complete the day!

The ceremony was such an elegant one in the rotunda of City Hall.  We had draped openings to welcome guests in and so many beautiful mirrors with custom wording and quotes by Written Word Calligraphy.  Every thing was perfect down to the detailing of the ceremony programs.

The reception was a true beauty, we transformed the rotunda space during cocktail hour and created the most romantic space of dusty blue tables paired with gold accents in their chairs, flatware and glassware.  Each guest had their names hand written on a placecard by Written Word Calligraphy and were treated to an olive sprig that was meticulously placed at their setting.  Amy Burke Designs absolutely killed it with the floral design for this one!

This bride and groom took their chairs seriously.  Written Word Calligraphy hand calligraphed these words on fabric that we hung for their chairs, that were then perfectly adorned with garlands and blooms by Amy Burke.


Thank you D+W for having us along for this amazing journey of planning and designing your wedding with you.  You were a couple that went above and beyond to make sure that all the details of the day were a perfect reflection of who you are.  Most of all, I'm so glad that through the planning process we became such great friends, love you both forever and ever!

Planning and Design:  Charmed Events Group, Photography:  Caroline Tran, Venue:  San Francisco City Hall, Flowers:  Amy Burke Designs, Calligraphy: Written Word Calligraphy, Linens:  La Tavola, Rentals:  Standard Party Rentals, Lighting and Drape:  Got Light, Tabletop Rentals:  Frances Lane, Cake: Studio Cake

Intimate Wedding at the Landmark Arts and Garden Center in Tiburon

We love intimate weddings because they are the best gathering of your closest and truest family and friends to celebrate one of the biggest moments of your lives.  K+M reside in Arizona but chose to host their wedding in Northern California for their closest and dearest.  Their wish list was to find some place by the ocean but some place that also has beautiful gardens.  We found them the perfect venue in the historic Landmark Arts and Garden Center in Tiburon and it was such a beautifully, intimate affair.

Many of you may not know this but we love flowers and floral design!  We don't often do this for larger weddings but for intimate weddings, we're all about doing the floral design and jump at the opportunity.  I loved the design that we did for K+M in keeping to their wishes of having it be "greens" inspired and natural.  Enjoy this beautiful wedding that was captured by Trynh Photography.

The bride loves anemones so naturally we had to make sure that her bouquet and centerpieces had accents of these lovely flowers.

The bride loves anemones so naturally we had to make sure that her bouquet and centerpieces had accents of these lovely flowers.

For their ceremony, they wanted to keep it as natural as possible so we used the large tree on property to anchor the ceremony space.  We then draped the chairs with garlands of eucalyptus and hand painted their welcome sign and accented it with foliage as well.

The reception space was set within the garden with an ocean backdrop that is visible from higher levels of the property.  We did one long dining table for all the guests to dine at and accented each guest place setting with hand tied bundles of greenery.  The setting was pretty magical.

For their cake, we chose to go with a really simple cake in design that we decked out with foliage.  The result was so romantic!

Congratulations to K+M, I absolutely loved working with you both on your intimate, destination wedding!

Lovely Vendors of the Day:  Event Planning, Design and Florals:  Charmed Events Group, Photography:  Trynh Photography, Venue:  Landmark Arts and Garden Center, Catering:  Delicious Catering, Cake: Karas Cupcakes

Castlewood Country Club Wedding

This was one of my favorite weddings of all times because the bride attended four weddings that we did prior to getting engaged and told me that she always knew that she wanted us to be her planner when it was her turn.  There is nothing more special than a bride who truly loves and values the work that we do and so in turn, we had to turn it up for her wedding!  This wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty and we are gladly sharing this "Starry Nights" inspired wedding with all of you right here.

We chose a beautiful color palette of lavenders, dusty blues, dusty purples and gray, accented by shades of pinks and golds as the foundation of the wedding.  This made for a particularly beautiful palette for the bouquets that Poppys Petalworks created for the wedding.

The couple got married underneath the most beautiful oak tree.  To make the bride feel extra special, and to also add a pop of color to the ceremony, we created a purple entrance for her walk down the aisle.  My favorite part of their ceremony was the love lock ceremony that they performed in front of their guests, which was a pair of intertwined locks they locked together during the ceremony.  When they went on their honeymoon to Greece, they buried the keys in the sands of romantic is that?

For their cocktail hour, we created one of the most beautiful backdrops using soft chiffon in their color palette.  We clipped each guest name to the fabric with flowers and ferns to help guests find their seats.  This is one of my favorite escort displays that we created to date!

For their reception, we transformed the space into a magical, starry nights atmosphere.  There was not one detail forgotten as we used three different types of linens and filled the tables to the nines with french white china and gold rimmed chargers, glassware and flatware.  Paired with the menus and place cards, the reception space was a beautiful splash of colors, all in dusty hues of purples, blues and grays...and it was glorious.

 I loved the Sweetheart table that we created for them.  They really wanted their table to shine so we brought in market lights for the backdrop and created an acrylic sign with their favorite lyrics from Ed Sheeran.  #puremagic

As if all the details above weren't enough, the couple chose to kick off the dance floor with a confetti cannon!

N+D, you have no idea how much I adore you, you are my "allstar bride" and it was my greatest honor and privilege to plan and design your wedding.  I hold your wedding so close to my heart!

Planning, Design, Stationery:  Charmed Events Group, Photography: Candice Benjamin, Floral Design:  Poppy's Petalworks, Rentals:  Pleasanton Event Rentals, Linens:  La Tavola, Lighting and Drape:  JL Imagination

M+H Sneak Peek!

We had an amazing wedding over the weekend celebrating M+H!  Here are some sneak peeks from the amazing Augie Chang of their quintessentially, San Francisco Day.  More to come but for now, enjoy!